"(Bowers) displays a well-defined comedic style in this punkish comedy about romantic indecision and a self-waged war for its hero's soul...The movie smells like a cult hit."
John Anderson, Variety

"3 1/2 out of 4 stars. The best no-budget indie romance since In Search of a Midnight Kiss."
Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

"Genuinely funny... It's a raggedy charmer."
Kimberley Jones, Austin Chronicle

"Sharp, witty, frequently laugh-out-loud funny."
Scott Von Doviak, A/V Club (Austin)

"Easily containing some of the best film writing and dialogue over the past few years, New Low looks and feels like a Woody Allen-penned script filtered through a Slacker-era Richard Linklater visual sensibility." — Todd Konrad, Independent Film Quarterly

"It's got a distinct, edgy vibe... New Low is like a photo negative of the tired romantic comedy genre. 4 out of 5 Yaps."
Christopher Lloyd, The Film Yap

"The lanky 25 year-old filmmaker has created something very special with New Low: a no-budget slacker romance that actually manages to be entertaining and heartfelt."
Jordan Silverthorne, College Movie Review

"The script contains enough superbly witty dialogue to carry the torch to the surprising conclusion."
Jimmy Martin, SLUG Magazine

"Before long, I was completely involved with New Low. And by involved I mean laughing, identifying with and completely digging the film."
Don R. Lewis, Gordon and the Whale

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- Variety

"Sharp, witty... laugh-out-loud funny."

- A/V Club

"Entertaining and heartfelt."

- College Movie Review

"Razor-sharp dialogue."


"Superbly witty."

- SLUG Magazine

"Smells like a cult hit."

- Variety

"Funny, sad, awkward, and well done."

- Gordon And The Whale

"It's a raggedy charmer."

- Austin Chronicle

"Distinct, edgy."

- The Film Yap

"3.5 out of 4 stars."

- Orlando Sentinel